This blog is mostly record keeping. To be frank, I believed that my blogging days were over a long time ago, and I was going to dump my updates on a static, hard-coded site, cos those things are cool again (well, I think they are). However, traditional blogs have the benefit of searchable tags, of course, which would be exceptionally useful while looking back on when I’ve sowed, planted, harvested, how certain crops have done in certain years, how I’ve dealt with problems etc.

So, here ’tis. A blog. A garden blog, no less, though I’m sure some other stuff will creep in from time to time. 


While I’ve grown the odd tomato or courgette over the years, my garden endeavours never really started until Autumn 2014. It was part lettuce and part epiphany that drove me to it, in essence.

  1. We live in Hicksville, New Zealand, and it’s near impossible to buy a decent lettuce in the shops. Driving twenty minutes to the next town for lettuce was out of the question. The only alternative was to grow our own.

  2. The last gardener in the family passed, and I realised that there was no one left to pass on the knowledge to my children that I’d really never bothered to acquire. The only way that was going to happen now was if I was able to teach them.

I’ve since experienced more epiphanies in regards to food gardening, but that’s a post in itself.

The Garden 

People keep telling me that I have a very interesting garden. I haven’t quite figured out what that means yet, though it might have something to do with the non-traditional way most things are growing. I cultivate weeds in my paths, grow very few things in rows, and I dig big holes, dump old wood in the ground, then plant trees on top.

It’s mostly no-dig/no-till, but I have been known to dig a new bed when I lack the organic matter to build it by sheet-mulching.

I would say that it’s heavily permaculture-inspired, but I’ve never done a PDC.

The Photos

I’m not a photographer and I don’t have a fancy camera. I’m also not an artist, have very basic image editing skills, and a collection of devices that display photos very differently, which creates endless headaches in terms of brightness and contrast. Honestly, it’s a nightmare. Please excuse the crappiness of them.


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