Last Day of the Season Pics 2016-2017

I’ve been sitting on most of these photos for months, now, not really sure what to do with them. A year ago, to the day now, I took what might have been a random photo of one angle of the garden after newly woodchipping the paths, thinking it looked so tidy and lovely at that particular time. When I realised it was the last day of winter, I thought, well, why don’t I take a photo of that exact angle (I’m standing in the open door of the garage, here), on the last day of every season, and see how it changes through the seasons.

Well, today I took my second ‘last day of winter’ pic, and it’s so different to the first one. Granted, last winter the beds in view were all very new, and the paths were freshly chipped. It did look nice. Now it looks ridiculously green, and, yes, untidy (but that is my gardening style anyway).

Anyway. Here’s a simple gallery of the last five ‘last day of the season’ pics. For want of inspiration as to what else to do with them. And here’s looking forward to the new growing season :)

End of Winter 2016
End of Spring 2016
End of Summer 2017
End of Autumn 2017
End of Winter 2017


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