The Garden in July

We’ve finally (finally) had some decent frosts, right at the tail end of the month, and it’s cold enough that it actually feels like winter. The kids are having a ball with a tub full of rainwater that freezes over and remains frozen clear through to lunchtime (it’s in a part of the garden that doesn’t get sun in the winter till after lunch), and I’m pleased that the nasturtiums are being knocked back a bit because they were completely taking over!


Other than that, it’s been really wet so far this winter. I’ve got a lot of digging to do to get the new annual beds in (due to some persistent perennial weeds I want knocked back), but it’s been stalled for so long with the rain I was starting to get quite concerned. Hopefully the rain will hold off long enough that I can get it done and dusted over the next month.

It’s funny. We kind of think that winter is the time of year when there’s less to do, and that might be the case in the garden, due to simply not being able to do certain things, but it’s still a really busy time of year.

For us, it’s the soccer season, so there’s less of the weekend available. But also, there’s things like firewood to deal with, making sure there’s enough kindling chopped, that there’s enough wood stacked at the back door to keep us going. There’s the keeping on top of ventilation in the house (New Zealand houses are notoriously under-insulated and cold and damp can be a serious issue), opening it all up early enough in the day to take advantage of the winter sun, closing it up before the temperature drops in the afternoon. And the laundry! We don’t have a tumble drier (by choice), so getting the stuff dry when it’s either too wet or too cold to dry on the line is a constant production line of hang in the laundry, transfer to the hot water cupboard, and finally put away.

There is definitely more housework in the winter than there is in the summer, and I’m looking forward to the end of it.

One more month to go!


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