Tomato Propagation: so easy a kid can do it 

Biscuit has spent the last two summers watching me take the tomato sideshoots I chop off and turn them into new plants. I haven’t done that this year, because I sowed plenty of seed and ended up with a ton of plants, but it didn’t stop him. 

One day when I was doing some tomato maintenence, he picked up one of my prunings, plopped it into a jar of water and put it on the kitchen windowsill. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and this is the result:

He decided it was time to plant it today, so he dug a wee hole in one of his ‘old sandpit’ gardens, and poked it in.

It really is that easy. My first year seriously vegetable gardening, I bought six plants from the garden shop, and turned them into a couple of dozen the same way. I’ve even had luck simply poking the just-cut prunings into the soil.

It’s this quality that means that a tomato let sprawl will basically take root wherever the stem touches the ground (not very good for the fruit, though). When planting, you can bury the stem of the plant as deep as you’d like, and it’ll only make the plant stronger. 


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