Wormy Apples

1I’ve just had to strip all but two apples off my poor apple tree. It’s only been in the ground a year, and already it’s infected by codling moths. It’s very sad.

(I suspect it’s the neighbour’s tree that’s at fault. It’s right over the back fence, is old and gnarly, and about the only attention it ever gets is a liberal spraying of roundup around the base every now and again, and a hard pruning back to nothing every couple of years.)

So I’ve spent a good half of the day looking stuff up, and now have a list of stuff I have to buy sometime before next spring. Treacle. Neem. Cloudy ammonia. I’ve wrapped a bit of corrugated cardboard around the trunk to collect any pupating larva who choose to wiggle down the trunk rather than jump off like tiny wormy daredevils, which I can then burn later in the season, and I’ve given my last two apples (plus the pears on the nearby pear tree) a liberal dusting of diatomaceous earth to hopefully nix any wee critters that haven’t yet gotten around to burrowing into my fruit.

My fruit, dammit. Not theirs! Oh well, yet another reason to get chickens, stat.

So, in my internet travels, I found a couple of useful articles geared at home gardener and/or organic methods of getting rid of the nasty little suckers. Many ways to keep codling moth off fruit from Stuff.co.nz, and Codling Moth Organic Control Information from greenharvest.com.au. I figure those links will be useful come next spring.


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